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Nyoiseau : A few words about histry    -    The Points of interest and places to visit in surroundings


The iron mines

Other Points of Interest

Nyoiseau, a small borough with the hollow of the hills, between Mayenne and Anjou.

A place marked by the history of its Royal Abbey 'Notre Dame de Nyoiseau' founded in 1109, by a disciple of Robert d' Arbrissel fore-mentioned Solomon. In 1516, around the abbey become royal with François 1er, develops an increasingly prosperous borough. While crossing the borough of Nyoiseau, you will be able to also discover his  Gallo-Roman bridge.

At about 500 meters of 'Le Relais des Hirondelles', you will be able to also visit the park of the high school of Notre Dame d' Orveau, with her Castle of 19th and its exceptional contemporary Vault by its architecture. It was built in 1962-1963 by the Lamaison architect.







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DOUCE HEURE 200 meters away

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Nyoiseau pont Gallo-Romain

Le Bourg de Nyoiseau

Vestiges du Cloître

Nyoiseau pont Gallo-Romain

Chappelle comtemporaine d'Orveau

Chateau et parc d'Orveau

In 1912, whereas the population lives especially on agriculture, the company of the Iron Mines of Segré buys concessions with Nyoiseau, fact call to the inhabitants to exploit the seam, built mining cities with Charmont, Brèges and Bois 2. The unfavourable economic conjuncture obliges to stop the exploitation in the years 1980.

In 2000, the square of the mine finds a new life since the establishment of artists, sculptors, painters, illuminator, cabinet-maker and others, grouped under Central name 7. They expose their works regularly.




Vers le site web de la mine bleue

5.6 km /  8'

Park : Live animals, Old village and collections - 3 km /  6'

Swimming poolSegré 3 km /  8'

Swin Golf Combrée 10 km / 15'

Castle visit, July to September

La Chapelle sur Oudon 9 km / 8'

Liens vers les site du Haras National du Lion d'Angers

The National stud of the Lion d'Angers, 25 km / 15 '

Le Plessis-Bourré : Visits  'Detailed calendar on their website' -

Ecuillé 34 km / 28'

Le Plessis-Macé : Visits

'Detailed calendar on their website'-

32km / 25'

vers le site du parc Terra Botanica

 Terra Botanica Park - Angers,  44 km / 35 '

Castle Roi René et Tapestry of the apocalypse - Angers 45 km / 34 '

Le Puy du Fou - Vendée

Best park in the world

115 km / 95 '

What The Times has written in 2014 about it :




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